About Tiger and Bunny: The Beginning

Have you ever gone to a giant movie theatre surrounded by Barnaby Brooks Jrs? SURREAL. It was a really good movie and I was not disappointed! 

Some thoughts:

More things under the cut! No pictures, sorry. I didn’t think it was right to get pics of the actual film.

General spoilers:

Nathan was still not as fleshed out as he should have been. He an Ivan are turning into one-joke ponies. But I found out he owns a power company, the one he advertises on his suit (logical), which Stamp thinks we knew before but I didn’t so yeh. And those jokes are funny don’t get me wrong. But yes.

The movie is more of a character interaction spree, answering a bunch of weird questions, than a contribution to the main plot (Ouroboros, etc). It’s great to see them hang out as friends. TBH I didn’t need anything heavy in the first movie, so I was pleased with that!

The movie is mostly a recap of the series, but with maybe forty minutes, perhaps a little less, of original story. I’ll maybe talk about that later maybe maybe. During the recap you get a lot of new scenes that happened throughout the series timeline, but not in the series itself. Like Barnaby and Kotetsu having man-fights in their undersuits, and Kotetsu getting dressed (yes Sunrise, we noticed, thank you for bothering) and little outings with them all as themselves instead of heroes. It starts before Barnaby even arrives, at the very first episode with the bank robbers and the monorail. It also re-used quite a bit of footage, cleaned but pretty much the same. You did end up feeling a bit like you were watching a montage rerun in places. Stamp and I decided to think of it as watching Tiger and Bunny: Complete, like Advent Children Complete ;D

More Ben and Scarf-Tan!

New outfits!

New opening song!

Yuri only has one line! 8O

More in depth spoilers! In here is stuff that will ruin jokes for you, plot points for you, and generally suck the surprise out of stuff. Continue if you wish. But you were warned!

Antonio’s whole body is metal when he activates omg I loved that so much. He’s all shiny but he still has body hair I don’t understand? But I like it. 

Blue Rose ices her hair to get it blue. Makes sense, right? She also makes a mirror out of ice to get changed. Babe.

Sky High actually cannot fly. He only floats! Without a jetpack, he just wobbles around the sky. Bless him. Keith only got more adorable in the film, it was perfect. No John, but he was mentioned 8(

We saw some more of Tomoe, see their wedding (adorable) and Kaede coming into the world, and he kisses his wedding ring and wedding adverts make him cry and yeh I had a lot of feels about that ok. 

Origami Cyclone cameos in nearly every shot. Seriously do not stop looking for him it’s the best. 

Nathan hits on Barnaby a whole bunch, but it’s still Antonio’s butt that he fondles at the end of the day. And now he is sponsored by Dominoes! Coolio. All of Sunrise’s best shows are sponsored by pizzas.

Pao Lin is cute. That’s pretty much it. I think she electrocutes her hair green? Doesn’t make as much sense as Blue Rose but okay.

The new villain was okay. He wasn’t as good as Jake or Maverick IMO. He reminded me of that guy who stole Blue Rose’s handbag, and looked like one of the Vice monsters from FF9:

But in neon green, with goggles. Anyway he could swap places with people. Fun power. Turns nasty when in one tiny clip (it looks like) he’s falling from a bridge and swaps himself with someone safe. Presumably he lets the person who took his place fall to their death? But that was just in Agnes’ recap. In the movie he just steals some art of the Justice Statue. They all freak out over it though. 8/

But he goes into a theme park for The Final Showdown. And the trailer shots with the shark? Yeh that was just Kotetsu falling off a roller coaster into a fake set for the ride. Bummed there were no killer sharks.

Barnaby is a dick. Like…the whole movie is set during ‘massive penis Barnaby’ stage of the anime. But that’s okay, I don’t mind him being a douche. 


Oh yes, a lot of plot points in the series are revealed to have actually been known by Ivan. But he talks really quietly and no-one listens so they never pick up on things like the fact they went to the Academy together. Poor thing. 

Welp that’s about all I recall. If anyone has questions or wants to know more then my message box is open.

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